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Ads Beyond Limits.

Scale your ads to the moon with no limits or bans with our Whitelisted Agency Ad accounts.

Agency accounts

Experience ZERO bans. Most stable performance. Easier ad approval.

Uncapped Spending

Swiftly scale profits, bypassing account warm-ups and spending limits—reach the moon, leave competition behind.

Business Whitelisting

If your business operates in a restricted area, or you are worried about ad rejections or disapprovals, we can help get you whitelisted to bypass the system.

Quick Setup

We don't like to waste time. We do it lightening fast. Get started quickly in just 1-2 days.

Bulletproof Banproof Setup

We also provide our Bulletproof Setup. With our setup, you'll be guaranteed to have the ultimate infrastructure to scale your business to the moon. Affordable


We are beginner friendly and also welcome small businesses those are just starting out. We understand the hustle and we respect it. You can start with as low as 250 USD with us. Competetive Advantage

Problems Running ads? Throw Them Away

Capped Spending limits

High 18% GST for Indian clients

Regular Uncertain Bans from facebook

Farming of facebook accounts

Limited targeting option

Cannot run black hat products

Introducing our Auradox App From 1st Jan, 2024.

Download our app

Register In our app

Everything in your palm

why choose us?


Make your life easier by choosing Auradox Agency

Other agencies
No app support

No call support

Page/domain locked acc

Does not support black hat.

Does not accept USDT

Have registration fee

Have rental fee

Auradox agency
Automated Mobile App Support

12/7 call support

No Page/domain Restriction

We support Black Hat

We support USDT/Wise

Zero Registration Fee

Zero Rental Fee

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Hear from them

5 Star Customer • Support

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Agency ad accounts are whitelisted ad accounts issued by META themselves. These accounts have the following features.

  1. No bans or restrictions.
  2. No spending limits.
  3.  No GST or Tax added to your adspend.
  4.  No country restrictions.
  5.  Can be targeted to any country.
  6.  Lower CPP due to internal trust factors.
  7.  No warm up needed, Scale your ads from the first day.
  8.  Faster ad approvals
  9.  Special attention from META
  10. Prepaid ad accounts.

Currently We accept only USDT/WISE.

Our fees are 5% of your adspend for the basic package. (no rental)


Please Contact Through Whatsapp .

Our minimum recharge amount is 500$

Still have a question? Browse documentation or submit a ticket.

Ready to get started? (App available from 1st Jan)

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