Scale your ads to the moon with no limits or bans.

Agency accounts

Experience ZERO bans. Most stable performance. Easier ad approval.

Business Whitelisting

If your business operates in a restricted area, or you are worried about ad rejections or disapprovals, we can help get you whitelisted to bypass the system.

Competetive Advantage

No matter if you're dropshipping, brand-building, affiliate marketing or running an agency, our Enterprise Level Agency Accounts can help you scale consistently.

Uncapped Spending

Don't waste time warming accounts. Stop getting stuck at a spending limit and scale to the moon. Our clients scale faster than their competition and make their profits quickly.

Bulletproof Banproof Setup

We also provide our Bulletproof Setup. With our setup, you'll be guaranteed to have the ultimate infrastructure to scale your business to the moon.

Customer Support

7/7 day Support, Quickly help you to resolve any issues .We'll always go the extra mile when it comes to helping out our clients.

Quick Setup

We don't like to waste time. We do it lightening fast. Get started quickly in just 1-2 days.


We are beginner friendly and also welcome small businesses those are just starting out. We understand the hustle and we respect it. You can start with as low as 250 USD with us.

Cheaper CPM and CPA

Enterprise Level Agency Accounts have an advantage in auctions from the moment they are created due to the internal trust tier rankings. We have seen CPMs be up to 40% cheaper when running with our accounts, which leads to cheaper results.


Your one stop agency for all your facebook adverising needs.

Premium Agency Ad Accounts
Ultra Secure Bulletproof Setup
Virtual Private Server
Verified Business Manager
Reinstated Ad Accounts
Private Residential Proxies

No more restrictions, No more bans.

Become elite marketer with our meta partnership program.


  • You suffer from repeated bans on Facebook ads. 
  • You cannot scale your business consistently. 
  • You waste time farming accounts. 
  • You buy accounts and random Business Managers. 
  • You are limited in daily spending 
  • Your solutions are not stable and you keep suffering from restrictions regularly.
  • No Support from facebook.

About Us.


we dont work for you, we work with you.

After Years of testing, trial and error and research, our team at Auradox have comeup with the most secured and stable solution for your business. Never be dependent again on the whims of Facebook.

Find the pleasure and benefits of marketing your products on META (formerly Facebook) with Auradox Agency.

Focus on the tasks that makes you money instead of worrying about bans and restrictions.

How we work?

Learn . Execute . Adapt . Repeat .

We have been navigating the ever-changing Facebook platform and its algorithm for years to help businesses survive any future updates. We know how frustrating it can be when your BMs get disabled or your ad accounts get closed without any notification! If that sounds familiar , then we are here to help you with our bulletproof facebook setups and whitelisted agency ad accounts.

Customer First

To assist clients scaling up their campaigns to the moon.


Communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect.


Open and honest through communication as we progress to become the best.


Taking ownership and being accountable in everything that we do.

Team Work

Working and progressing together by elevating each other. “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”


We hold hands together. We are here for you to help you grow your business.

What Clients Say.

This really touched our heart. you are welcome.

I recently started my online store on shopify. I was really excited and afraid thinking will I get any sales or not. But thankfully after running my first CBO campaign I started getting sales. The first sale was the best thing that has ever happened to me. My ads ran smoothly for the first 3 weeks and then suddenly one day I opened fb and saw my ad account got restricted for no apparent reason. I did not violate any policy but still got restricted. Tried talking to fb support but got no help. Made new accounts and all got banned within 2-3 hours of running ads. Then a friend of mine in ecommerce circle suggested me Auradox agency and I tried their agency account. This was the best decision I have taken. Now I'm running ads smoothly without any problems. Thank you so much guys for helping a new entrepreneur like me. Thank you Auradox team.

Alfons Colt, media buyer


No Setup/Joining fees.

Some of our Clients

Dont Get Hammered.

We Got your back.

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